Video Editing on a Budget

   Most people think that to edit videos for your website you need to own two or three $2000+ video cameras, have a Mac and have gone to video editing school.  While those things would help and I personally would love to have that kind of gear and experience in my arsenal, they are not necessary to make a video that targets your audience.

First let me show you a few of my videos

 Waiting on a Pig

Hawke Optics Gear Review 

The Canal

So not bad, I know they may not be ready for the Outdoor Channel or may not be what some people like, but hey they work for me.  So you may be thinking, “Okay he has a Canon 5D or maybe a 7d or the Canon XF100.”  Heck no, I don’t have that kind of money right now.  To be honest, which I am a little embarrassed to say, I use my HTC Evo 4 cell phone and a Contour Roam.  That is it.  Nothing more, no expensive cameras, tripods, lenses or sound equipment.  I’m just using what I have lying around and I make all of my mounts (Pics), which allows me to get shots not normally possible with one person.

Okay now with that aired out lets get down to the nitty gritty.

What you Need

You don’t need expensive equipment and software to make a visually appealing video.  Get the basics only and nothing more when you are starting out. HD 1080 DPI and 24 to 40 frames a second will work just fine.  That means most smart phones out there will get you off on the right foot, the only problem with them is that they do not have many mounting accessories to attach them to your bow, gun, fishing poll, tree stand, or tripod.  They can be a little awkward and difficult to use at times, but I shot my first three videos with my phone and no one, until now, knew the difference.   One of the best and most underrated things that a cell phone offers is a high quality microphone to record voice overs or interviews.  Think about it, a cell phones primary purpose is to convey clear and concise voice communication.

So you either don’t have a good cell phone or you do and want something more, here are your choices.  I’ll give you the $100 on up to $500 dollar budget.

      1. $100- The Contour HD on Amazon is a great value for the money.  It does not have all the bells and whistles that some of the other POV cameras do, but is is optically just as good.  You will need the tripod adapter sicnce this model does not come with one, so make sure to throw one in your cart.
      2. $200-$240- The GoPro Hero or the ContourRoam are my next favorites.  These two are about the same and both have their draw backs and strong points.  The GoPro Hero is all inclusive and has on the fly adjustments.  The Contour is sleek and compact with only one moving part and for what I film it does not get in the way when it is attached to my bows.
      3. $300- The New GoPro Hero2 looks to be very promising with images 2x sharper than the old,  ability to have WiFi remote recording and smartphone play back for easy viewing in the field
      4. $400-$500  Here is a quick tip, GO REFURBISHED!  If you are just testing the waters of filming you do not need to go all out and buy the farm only to find out you don’t like the smell. The Canon HV20 retails at $1000 and sells for under $400 dollars on Amazon. I am a big fan of the Canon HF S10/20/21/100/200 camera and on a good day you can pick one up for $500 on Ebay or Amazon.  Check at Andorama Open Box section at times they have great deals on camera.  There is also a new package that Campbell Cameras is putting out that is a refurbished camera package that includes Camera, Case, Mic, and all the accessories that you will need to start out, plus they have the customer service to back it up.

There you have it Part 1 on choosing a camera on a budget and as the great philosipher of the 80′s and 90′s, “Wow we are have way there, Wow liv’n on a pray.”  Next time I’ll get into editing from “Free to drop’n the big money”.

Hope that starts you all off well,

The Bearded Boar

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