Blog Birthday – 5 Ways To Party

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate your blogs birthday in style.

1.  Giveaways + Contests

If people love your blog, wait until it starts giving them FREE stuff! Giveaways and contests don’t have to be complicated.  Most people will be happy with something as simple as a $20 gift card to Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops.  For a personal touch try to find something unique or even hand made to give away.  Maybe you could even hand carve a fishing lure or tie up some of your favorite fly pattern.
You can have your readers leave a comment to enter and then use a random number generator to pick a winner.  Contests can even be used to create buzz marketing for your blog.  Have your readers post a Facebook or Twitter message with a link back to your contest to enter.  Pretty soon you’ll have hundreds of new readers joining in the fun.

2.  SWAG

Stuff We All Get.  Now that you know what the acronym means, go out and get some gear with your blog’s logo on it. Cafepress  is a great place to start.  You can make t-shirts, mugs, and even clocks!  Branded merchandise is a perfect fit for giveaways and you’ll also have the added benefit of making something you can sell at a later date on your site.

3.  Re-evaluate + Develop Goals

Why do you blog?  Do you have a higher purpose or do you just like to share your thoughts?  A blogs birthday is a great time to think about the big picture.  Re-evaluate how things are going on your blog.  Are you posting enough?  Should you expand your blog into social media?  Should you cutback and focus more on quality than quantity?  Maybe it’s time to switch hosting providers or buy that domain name.  Your goals could even center around doing good deeds like working with an outdoor charity or creating one of your own.  Goals help us stay focused and move forward.  Don’t be afraid to switch things up a little.  It’s your blogs birthday, let it do whatever it wants!

4.  Keep track – stats

Do you know how many hits your blog got this year?  Maybe now is the time to learn how to use Google Analytics to track your progress.  Take a look at how you are doing on social media.  How many friends, followers, and Google+ circle members do you have?  Write your stats down.  You can compare your stats year by year or perhaps even make a new habit of checking regularly.  Keep score, treat it like a video game.  Remember what you measure matters.

5.  Thank the little important people

Never forget all of the amazing readers, bloggers, and friends that have helped you grow.  When The Functioning Fishaholics turned one we gave special mention to some of the blogging friends we’ve made along the way.  We also took the time to give shouts to some of the great fishing community folks we met on Twitter.  Remember, without readers even the best blog is only a diary.

How did you celebrate your blogs birthday?  Did you have paper hats or little noisemakers?  Let us know in the comments below!

About Matt from The Functioning Fishaholics

Matt is the founder of Southeastern PA’s fishing addiction support group The Functioning Fishaholics. When he’s not out fishing, tying flies, or writing about fishing he enjoys spending time helping outdoor bloggers (primarily fishermen). He also loves his beautiful wife, 2 dogs, and his Xbox.